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Debut Recording Announcement

Dear friends,

I can now announce my debut recording project, “Sounds of Transcendence” – a program of radiant music by César Franck, Alexander Scriabin, and Charles Tomlinson Griffes.  The works I will be presenting cover a span of 35 years, from 1884 to 1919, and all make their own unique metaphysical explorations, from the devoutly Catholic rhetoric of Franck’s Prelude, Choral, et Fugue – a stunning drama of sin and salvation unveiled in peerless musical form  – to the hallucinatory, feverish world of Scriabin and his American counterpart, Griffes. 

This project will kick off with a preparatory recital on Sunday, March 12 at 3 pm, at the First Presbyterian Church of New Vernon, NJ – free of charge!  Right after that, I will be in studio to record the pieces, and the finished product will be released on the Romeo Records label.  The exact program is below:

FRANCK:  Prelude, Choral, et Fugue

SCRIABIN: Valse in A flat major, Op. 38; Fragilité, Op. 51, no. 1; Enigme, Op. 52, no. 2; Sonata no. 7, Op. 64, White Mass; Vers la Flamme, Op. 72

GRIFFES:  The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan, A. 72; Piano Sonata, A. 85

These three composers have never been presented together on a recording, until now.  I hope that you will be edified and enlightened by this music as much as I have been by studying it.  Please stay tuned for updates as this project comes to fruition in the following weeks!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring!

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