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Belgium 2017 Recap

Hello everyone!

I recently returned from my second concert tour in beautiful Belgium, where I found myself playing nine concerts in the span of ten days (on average, 0.9 concerts per day, in case you were wondering how it all breaks down). In all seriousness, it was a marathon and an incredible experience. Traversing my set of repertoire over and over again in performance, day after day, gave a uniquely rewarding feeling of total immersion and oneness with the music, to go along with the fascination of witnessing how these pieces changed, revealed different aspects of themselves, every time I played them. I performed music by Bach, Schumann, Debussy, Scriabin, Griffes, and Belgian composer Emmanuel Durlet, but perhaps the most significant was the ‘Concord’ Sonata by Charles Ives – a 45-minute monument that stands proudly in its place with the greatest music ever written for the piano. I was fortunate to have one of these performances recorded in high-quality, multi-angle video, and it is now available on YouTube:

Deepest thanks, as always, goes to Erik Vertriest, who passionately organized my tour, and countless other individuals who made everything possible: Octavia Siertsema, Bart Leenhouwers, Bart Thiron, Roeland Pelgrims, Hedwig Vanvaerenbergh, Walter Vleminckx, Mia Bogaert, and Andrea Durlet, to name just a few.

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1 comment on “Belgium 2017 Recap”

  1. Erik Vertriest Reply

    Dear Reed, this tour was an unforgettable experience indeed! Never in my life have I met an artist with such an artistic and deeply human dedication and “drive”. May this unique recording be spread, so that thousands of music lovers can be deeply touched by your unique performance, even if they don’t know this amazing piece yet. Without any doubt one of the greatest “piano miracles” in music history :-). Thanks so much for this gift!!!

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