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Reed Tetzloff: Sounds of Transcendence
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As remarkably developed as Tetzloff’s gift is, it also suggests even greater things to come.

Annual Joseph Pramberger Memorial Concert Features Rising Young Pianist by Linda Sickler
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Reed Tetzloff was 4-years-old when he discovered the piano. “We had a small piano in the house which was inherited from my mom’s family,” he says. “When I was little, we’d watch Disney movies and I’d go to the piano and play the music by ear.  “It would sound something like the soundtrack. My parents signed me up for lessons. “I really loved it right away,” Tetzloff says. “I would sit down at the piano and play for hours.”


Cleveland International Piano Competition: Round 1, Sessions 5 & 6 (July 27) by Mike Telin
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Reed Tetzloff (24, United States) chose two contrasting works in b-flat minor. His sensitive performance of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in b-flat (WTC I) was characterized by wonderful lines and rich tone. He began Chopin’s Sonata No. 2 in b-flat, Op. 35 with full-bodied tone and fluid lines. The Scherzo was grand with a lovely middle section, and the funeral march marvelous. Tetzloff’s confident playing of technical passages in the finale brought the work — and the evening — to a superb conclusion.


Cleveland International Piano Competition: Round 2, Sessions 5 & 6 (July 30) by Mike Telin
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American Reed Tetzloff was again impressive. During Frederic Rzewski’s “Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues” from North American Ballads, the pianist brilliantly delivered a well-paced, captivating performance. Following a neat and tidy Chopin Etude in F, Op. 10, No. 8 Tetzloff capped of his set with a remarkable delivery of Beethoven’s  Sonata No. 31 in A-flat, Op. 110. Throughout the work, the pianist captured the wonderment of the composer’s later compositions.